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Get the BEST PRICES IN IRELAND for energy efficient bulbs and reduce your lighting costs by 80% or more


A stylish range of quality energy saver bulbs at great prices. Bulbs on this site typically LAST 10 TIMES LONGER and SAVE AT LEAST 80% on your electricity bills when compared to traditional bulbs. See how much you can save here. Take action now and cut your bills immediately

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13w Compact Globe Bayonet B22 (3 pack)

€ 12.95 plus vat at 23%
13w Compact Globe Bayonet B22 (3 pack)

Long life 13 watt Compact Globe (equivalent to
Saves €91.90 over its lifetime

2W warm light LED, GU10 fitting (3 pack)

€ 30.95 plus vat at 23%
2W warm light LED, GU10 fitting (3 pack)

Long Life extra Low-Energy 2W LED ceiling Bulb (equivalent to 50W),
Saves €169.70 per bulb over its lifetime

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